My second bottom-up cardigan, this has had a very heavy rotation this winter. As in, never-off-my-back rotation.

It’s knitted from incredibly warm Hebridean wool, which is a natural black – so soft, almost dark brown, with the occasional white hairs. It’s a wee bit itchy, but that’s a price worth paying for something that is so handy (and let’s face it: winter = long sleeve top season anyway).

Antler cardigan and Hens (12)

Hebridean winters are cool – generally hovering about 3-6 degrees centigrade, and very, very windy. The wind can be absolutely perishing, making it a very chilly business being outside. My uniform has consisted of this cardigan with my Follow the Sun shawl, and my perenially loved Fjallraven jacket (with the addition of a fleece). With this, I have managed to cope with pretty much everything the islands have flung at me!

Seeing these photos again reminds me about the buttons! The pattern called for 6 buttons, but I mis-measured and accidentally made 8 buttonholes, which, of course, was far too many on the cardigan. I had these gorgeous buttons already that were just perfect, so I sewed on 3 to make the cardigan functional, and ordered more. But I’ve never got round to fixing it! So three remain, but to be honest I only ever button the top two, and I don’t think it is terribly noticeable that they’re uneven in real life.

Maybe people have been laughing at the button disaster for the past 4 months and I’ve just been oblivious!

Antler cardigan and Hens (11)Antler cardigan and Hens (10)

The pattern is called Antlers by tincanknits, and it was really well drafted. I loved it, and because it was aran wool, it knitted up super quick. It’s now getting a wee bit too warm to wear the cardigan every day so it’s getting a bit more of a rest, but I truly love it. I’ve also promised my dad a Hebridean wool jumper in the hope that it’ll keep him a bit warmer. Sad fact about growing older is you seem to lose your ability to keep yourself warm. Here’s hoping some Hebridean woolies will do the trick.

Wool is hand spun on South Uist at the Hebridean Woolshed. I highly recommend you pay them a visit if you ever find yourself on these wee islands.

Buttons are from Textile Gardens.

Wellies are obligatory wear 😉

PS. As this seems to be a concern now, none of these links are affiliate links. Just sharing because I enjoy what these individuals are providing!


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