Cropped Cardigan

Way back in July 2017 I decided to recreate a cardigan that I had had and loved as a student. I found it immensely useful, and wore it often. Now, I cannot remember what happened to it, but I definitely wanted another version.

The cardigan in question was tight fitting, cropped and very simple. It was also orange. You may notice that this cardigan is not orange, but it is an utterly divine green wool – Rowan’s Felted Tweed in Avocado. Divine.

The pattern used is Crop Cardigan by Ann and Heidi Pickles. I made a small as I wanted it to be neat fitting, and it’s exactly how I wanted it to be. And, miraculously for me, it’s also my quickest knit ever: it only took a month. (Oh my goodness, I just went onto the Pickles website to get the link to the pattern (which I couldn’t find so the above links to ravelry), and the knits on there are just gorgeous! Very inspiring…)

Of course, I made it just when summer was coming to a close so it’s not yet had a lot of wear. But that will come this year, for despite it’s cropped shape the wool means it actually fairly warm. Just perfect for a Scottish summer.

The details of this knit are also on my Ravely page, where you can also see all the other lovely things I have knitted over the years.

This was also my first bottom-up construction of a cardigan and steeking it was terrifying, but it worked, and I actually loved that construction. I have knitted another bottom up cardigan since then and I will definitely seek out that type in future. They both seemed incredibly simple to knit.

Check out my Ravelry page for further details!

Anyone else really looking forward to a change in seasons??


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