Marcy Marcy – Vogue 8876


Vogue 8876 dressmaking sewing

After a bit of a hiatus, this is the item that really got me sewing in my new house. I had chosen the pattern – Marcy Tilton Vogue 8876 – and cut out the fabric over a year before, on the floor of the living room in my previous house in Inverness. And while cutting out I decided it wasn’t going to be very nice, and put it away and forgot about it.

Move forward a year, and I was just needing to sew something. I’m surely not the only one that feels this need?! Anyway, there it was, looking rather crumpled and tatty, but it was there, and ready to sew. Sew off I went.

Ho ho ho, I do love a good (?) pun 😀


And it started to come together, and I really didn’t like it. So I didn’t bother about finishing any seams or anything because I thought it was just going to be discarded. But I kept going because it was something to sew, and then something magical happened.

It turns out that past-Heather put a lot of energy into making sense out of the crazy fabric (more on that later…). And the pattern placement was really rather genius. I’m allowed to say this as I have no memory of spending too much time on this, so past-Heather takes all the credit! As I sewed I gradually became more and more excited about the project, and found myself sewing for longer every night, wondering what the next seam and the next was going to reveal.


In the end I’ve ended up with a tunic (past Heather shortened the pattern to fit it on the fabric, but I can’t remember by how much) which I don’t really know what to do with. It’s been made for about two months, but I’ve only ever worn it once, and I think it’s quite bright and tricky to wear…


Oh, and before I forget. it is made out of a huge mandala wall hanging (another version on my wall in the pic above) which I bought from a wee shop in Inverness. It’s very loose weave cotton, with a deep impregnation of the dye, so that the back of the fabric looks like a lesser cousin of the front. It frays like mad and in the end I went back and bound some of the seams, and zigzag stitched over the others. I’m sad that I didn’t do the seams properly while making the dress, but hey ho, lesson learned. Oh, and the other thing is I really am not mad on the satiny purple at the bottom: it doesn’t go with anything else, but it was all I had in my stash and I really wanted just to get finished, so I guess it’s staying like that….

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts: what styling do you think is best? How do you think I should wear it/ how would you wear it? Or, should I pass it on to someone who would wear it better? Look forward to hearing your thoughts!


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