Colourful Culottes

What wonderful inventions are culottes! I absolutely adore wearing these, although I don’t often. They’re just over a year old now as I finished them in January last year, but as I was finding I never wore them, I have just dyed them!

They’re made up in divine orange fine cord, which I purchased from Ditto Fabrics for the sole purpose of making culottes. The fabric was lovely to sew with, and the pattern was fantastic to sew.

The pattern is Girl Friday culottes by Oliver & S: the pattern was beautifully drafted, and even now every time I put it on, I am so impressed with the zip hidden in the pocket. So ingenious.


Having moved to the Hebrides, where I have found it harder to wear my normal bright clothing, I found that I just never wore my orange culottes. This is part of living outside a city, I suppose: less goes. Or, perhaps, the fault is within me, however the beloved culottes were going unworn, and I wanted to change that.

So I did! With a vat of purple Dylon dye. And this is the result!


I think I love them – I certainly love the culottes and I wore them all day today. They are comfy and fun and feel like me. I will definitely wear them more. By dyeing them, I have taken them out of the costume territory and into everyday wear. I hope!

And, just because they’re culottes, and it was a beautiful day:


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