Turia Dress

My birthday trip to Copenhagen with my sister was the first time I’d been abroad in a fair while. I knew that to add to the celebration, I wanted to make an item of clothing to wear in the city. I’ve been wanting to make the Turia Dungarees by Pauline Alice for ages, even going to far as buying the pdf pattern and fabric but I never quite got round to it. This time around it was a dungaree dress that was really calling me.

I was looking for a pattern when I suddenly realised I was mad: I had a dungaree pattern… surely I could just draft a skirt? And so that’s what I did! And I adore the results. I made it in a lovely dark green cord which I originally bought to make another pair of culottes with. The lack of fabric shops on the Outer Hebrides means that I ‘shop’ my stash more often than not, and this was my first choice out of the available fabrics.

Turia dungarees Pauline Alice patterns www.heatherymakes.wordpress.com

The skirt was easy. I printed off the shorts pattern pieces, and created a natural curve from the hipline. I didn’t want an A-line shape, and I didn’t want it too long. In the end, it could do with being two inches longer, but I think the lack of length is made all the more noticeable by the general ‘stickiness’ of the corduroy.

Once sewing, the pattern came together really nicely. It was an absolute joy to sew, and with a looming deadline (Copenhagen, baby!) I was able to put my head (foot) down and keep going. It did still mean that I was sewing the waistband down on the ferry back to the mainland, and sewing in ends in the car on the way to the airport, but it was mostly finished for my holiday!

Turia dunfarees Pauline Alice patterns dressmaking sewing www.heatherymakes.wordpress.com

The only lack was dungaree buckles as I’d been unable to find any that I liked. On our first day in Copenhagen we did the obligatory visit to the infamous Stoff and Stil and oh my wordy be, we were in heaven!!! Why is it that there’s nothing comparable in Scotland?? ‘Tis a great pity… Here, I did manage to find a lovely set of dungaree buckles and bought them there and then. They may or may not have been the only things I bought! 😉

All this time the straps had been sewn down, so were basically non-functional. It didn’t matter, however, as the zips on the side of the skirt enabled me to get it on and off no bother. That was, until we had a few wines too many at a wonderful bar on Nyhavn that evening and while undressing prior to going to bed I managed to rip out the stitching on one of the straps. So that was the end of that!

Turia Dungaree dress corduroy www.heatherymakes.wordpress.com

Back home, and ready to attach the dungaree clips I found that not all are made equal. Meaning they were too narrow! What a disaster. So I ordered a set from Guthrie and Ghani, which arrived promptly with a lovely wee note in the package. And these are perfect. I am delighted!

Overall that feeling remains: I am delighted! The only thing is the fact that the corduroy always sticks to my tights – and the short length means I’m unlikely to go tightless. I did get some lovely soft lining material in Stoff and Stil but I’ve not quite got around to fixing them yet. Otherwise, they have been a massive success. I do adore them, and they held up on all the bike rides around Copenhagen (until the wine incident) and they made me feel very accomplished. They’re definitely the most complex thing I’ve made in a while.

Turia Dungaree dress

Overall, I call this a rousing success! Planning on making a full pair of dungarees now, but whether to make the shorts or the trousers, I’m not sure. Perhaps both??

PS. I also made the top I’m wearing in the photos. It’s ‘The Grail’ by Vesta Patterns and I’ve made two more since this one. Love them. I’ll write about them in a separate post 😉

PPS. Sorry about the dreadfully creased state they’re in. I was wearing them while working from home that morning and nipped out to get photos while on a break. You’ll just have to look past the creasing, I’m afraid!

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