Machair top

Machair? A gaelic word meaning grassland, and it is used to name the flower meadows that are a Hebridean speciality. It’s one of the places I work, and in the summer the range of flowers is just dizzying. Of course, in this lovely printed fabric, there was nothing else for this top to be named!

Simplicity 2258 New Look K6459 (2)

This is the top from New Look K6459. I liked the angular armholes and thought that this would be a pretty top to add to my wardrobe which is, to be honest, mainly functional. I had quite a bit of this flowery cotton left over as I bought a fair bit of it a few years ago. It was originally intended for a shirt dress until I realised that the colour really washed me out, and anyway I’m not sure I’d suit a shirt dress.

I’ve made a dress for my friend’s baby and loved working with the fabric. It is just pure cotton, a wee bit stiff underhand, but I thought it would hold the shape of this top nicely. And it does!

I had to do some adjustments, as looking at the finished ease on the top I decided to size down. But that made the darts far too high and the top far too tight across the bust (not often I get to say that!). After making a toile, I edited the traced pattern and made this top.

Adding the binding was the perfect finishing touch and it removes the pale colour from being right next to my skin. It’s not perfect, but I really enjoyed the making process and the drafting process to make the top work for me.

New Look K6459

Changes for next time:

I’ll lower the armhole a wee bit more. It feels like the top is sitting in my armpits which isn’t great. Otherwise, I think it’s spot on. I think the length looks really cute and it’s surprisingly wearable. And that’s the machair top!

I’m wearing it with a handmade skirt as well. Simplicity 2258. I made this about 3 years ago and love it. It’s made in a divine linen from Edinburgh Fabrics (in Edinburgh, believe it or not!) and also had to be edited to fit. I needed to lengthen the pattern by a whopping 10 inches to get it to fit!! I know I’m tall, but that’s just crazy.

Simplicity 2258 New Look K6459 (4)

As I bought the fabric to make the skirt I didn’t have enough to cut the two full length skirt pieces out whole. But with a bit of piecing at the back I ended up with a gorgeous yellow stripe which can only be seen while walking and if it’s windy. A wee detail that elevates the skirt into something special.

I say that, but I see the fabric has been stretched close to the split. The photos are the first time I’ve noticed that, which is rather disappointing. Hopefully it’s not a sign that the fabric is giving up the ghost as I do rather love this skirt!

Simplicity 2258 New Look K6459 (1)

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