Linen Shirt

So Me-Made-May has brought a lot of joy into my life, including this shirt, view C of New Look 6266! I made this way back in 2014-ish time, and enjoyed it, but never loved it. Well, thanks to my personal challenge (wear at least 1 handmade item every day throughout May) I started reaching for this shirt. And I love it.

It’s such a good fit. Dream fit, really, as it’s loose but also fitted in all the right spots. The fabric is divine and it looks great underneath a jumper, cardigan, or on its own. A really useful item of clothing. Despite not normally wearing white, the off-white tones actually suit me (I think) and the dark back stops me being too precious about it.

New Look 6266 (1)

The shirt came into being after my sister bought a metre of this divine linen for my birthday, probably in 2014. I loved the fabric but was flummoxed as to what to make with that 1m. I knew I wanted to make a shirt and then someone (I think it was my mum, great idea, mum!) suggested that I add a different linen to it as well. I hummed and hawed about that idea for a wee while until I realised that it was the only real option – the linen fabric was expensive and I wasn’t on much of a wage then so couldn’t splash out.

So by adding a navy linen which perfectly matches the navy squares on the original, I have made a beautiful item of clothing! Yes, the collar is slightly wonky and the top button is very wonky, but I actually am very pleased with my efforts. The only thing I regret is not changing to dark thread to finish the French seams at the back yoke. All other seams that has half dark / half light fabrics I had the light and dark thread in the appropriate part of the machine, but for some reason I got lazy at the back yoke. Which is strange as I really did take my time with this make and very neatly French seamed and bias bound everything else!

New Look 6266 (2)

Ocht weel, a wee reminder to not get momentarily lazy. Luckily it’s only visible on the inside and only me that will ever know 🙂

At the time I was really pleased with it, but in the intervening years I started to tell myself that I wasn’t really a shirt wearer, but this Me-Made-May, my first(!), has really changed my mind about that and I am now reconsidering the role shirts could play in my wardrobe and life. Cropped Kalle shirt next, perhaps? And I also have the Archer shirt in my pattern library so that may be a good long sleeved option!

But for now I am enjoying welcoming New Look 6266 back into my life.

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