the Grail

It’s something we all seek: the perfect t-shirt. Like jeans, trousers (in general) and underwear, t-shirt sewing was definitely in the category of “not yet” for me. Although I have ‘edited’ a few ill-fitting t-shirts in the past, they were never quite perfect so I wrote it off until I heard about Vesta Patterns.

Vesta draft their patterns to suit three different body shapes depending on cup size. It’s all explained on the website, and I fall into the ‘E’ body shape, whereby there’s less than 6.5cm difference between my underbust and full bust measurements.

As soon as I heard about them, I was very intrigued. I could tailor this to fit me precisely. So I purchased the Grail t-shirt and set to work.

The pdf is very simple and as far as I remember, easy to put together. You get three sleeve lengths and a vest top option. The ease sounded too great, but I made the suggested size for my first top.

Vesta 'Grail' t-shirt (6)

It turned out absolutely ginormous!! I pinned it to fit it better and found that when laid against the paper pattern the modifications made it into the smaller size. Good to know. I finished it up roughly, grading out to the larger size at the bottom, finished the neckline and hey presto.

I never finished the sleeves or bottom of this version and so far the divine double knit (amazon purchase) has been holding up really well. So well, in fact, that it’s the same fabric but a different colourway I used for my next two.

My next one was made in navy blue double knit and it came together really fast. I had enough fabric for full length sleeves, and did a really neat neckline. I was really chuffed. But in my haste, I decided I didn’t need to prewash the fabric. I was sure it would be fine.

Of course, it wasn’t and the top has become a crop top! I have worn it underneath jumpers a couple of times, but it’s just not great and now that I’ve finished my third one, it’s been relegated to the ‘desperation pile’ i.e. only to be worn when all else is dirty or otherwise not available!

My third version is also great, really pleased with it, although the neckline is not quite as neat as my second version, but the fit of the top is smashing, with a comfy amount of ease but still, in my opinion, flattering.

Vesta 'Grail' t-shirt (10)

It has a slightly wider neck, lovely long sleeves and a lovely long body too (the maroon one would be too short in the body if I hemmed it). It feels sturdy and strong and as though the fabric is going to last. Always good.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with these tops. I have a couple of other jersey fabrics which are destined to become grails as they’re easy to wear and easy to adapt as well. In my drawer, these two tops have become the most worn garments and I’m always missing them when they’re in the wash.

Nice, easy project with brilliant results. What could be better? Do you have an easy wear jersey project that you love?

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