Super Suki

Well, I was fully expecting to be passing this on to a family member because I was so sure that it wasn’t very ‘me’.

Instead, as part of a process that I really enjoyed, I have ended up with an utterly diving Suki kimono dressing gown that I just want to wear all the time.

Suki kimono heatherymakes.wordpress (5)

As I mentioned above, I really enjoyed making this. The drafting was perfect and the pattern just different enough to keep it interesting. The whole thing took about 4 evenings and one morning to finish. I just kept wanting to complete one step more and one more step. The crisp cotton helped, unfortunately I cannot remember where I bought this from, or how much I had, but I suspect I bought about 3 metres as I have scraps left. I think I may be able to squeeze a wee pair of shorts or a wee pyjama top out of the leftovers, but probably not.

Suki kimono heatherymakes.wordpress (6)

I do love this fabric though. I bought it in person, not online, so it must have been a fabric shop in Edinburgh during a visit to the mainland. I loved the birds, and the branches and the magnolia flowers. I am happy to have, by sheer fluke, ended up with a pair of birds on the front neck band and between the back ties. None of the pattern placement was planned due to lack of fabric, and the eagle-eyed among you may notice that one of my waist ties are upside down! Whoops, but also, *shrugs*.

Suki kimono heatherymakes.wordpress (3)

Anyway, I had to remove the side loops and put them in just above the pockets as it was too far above my waist. I put in the back ties at the same level and now they’re nicely positioned, although looking at these photos I do have some excess in the upper back. Perhaps I should have had the back ties a wee tad higher to eliminate this. I should, perhaps, have lengthened the sleeves ever so slightly as I feel they are a little too short on me, but this is not something that will bother me at all.

Suki kimono heatherymakes.wordpress (1)The length was a wee bit too much on me, so I just gave it a generous 4 cm hem, which lifts it a bit and I also like the impact from having a slightly wider hem. The hanging loop is very handy and I really enjoyed the process of adding the neck band. It is neat, clever and well drafted. I chose, for both the sleeve hem and the neck band, to make the finishing invisible and I French-seamed the entire thing, apart from the pockets (is it possible to French-seam pockets?). I love the neat finish inside.

Suki kimono heatherymakes.wordpress (8)I will make this again. My mum deserves one and I have a loose plan of following the hack to make it as a jacket. Helen looks so chic in hers, and the fabric is just divine! But this make goes down as one surprising win! I was reluctant to start for some reason, but I just love the end result. The drafting was so good that I can actually hardly wait to make another of Helen’s Closets’ patterns!

The only negative impact of having a gorgeous robe is that now my rather tatty pyjamas make me a bit embarrassed. I think a wee (handmade) update is now required!

Suki kimono heatherymakes.wordpress (2)
Apparently I forgot how to smile..

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