Heaven in green linen

A forthcoming trip to Romania suddenly had me panicking about my summer wardrobe. Summers in Scotland, particularly in the Western Isles, tend to hover around the mid-teens to low-twenties (generally the lower end of that scale!) and so a full summer wardrobe is not normally necessary. Indeed, to be perfectly honest it’s the same clothes year round, just several fewer layers.

But Romania was due to be warm. As in, really warm. And so suddenly sewing a summer wardrobe became a wee bit more of a priority. And one of the items that made it onto the ‘highly desirous (necessary)’ packing list was a linen jumpsuit. Pattern of choice? In the Folds Peppermint jumpsuit, why of course.

In the folds peppermint jumpsuit Heatherymakes (4)

This easy, breezy, relaxed style is so incredibly me that I knew from the off that I liked it. And it will not only suit Romania but it will also suit wandering on white sandy beaches and dancing in the sea, or so I believe.

I really enjoyed the process, the method for attaching the yoke was incredibly satisfying and I am delighted with the result. All leg seams are french seamed as I knew that I wanted it to look good with the legs rolled up (it does).

Upon the first try-on, however, I got a bit of a shock. It was just so voluminous. I felt slightly drowned, and immediately regretted the 1″ addition ease I’d added to the bodice to fit for a tall torso. Encouraging messages from the family Whatsapp group spurred me on, and I tried on a variety of different outfits to see how to wear it best:

(Sorry about my terrible facial expressions)

In the end I didn’t want to take it off. I did, briefly, just to sew in the ends and give it a wee press, and I’ve had it on all day since then. It is remarkably comfy and as you can see, I added in-seam pockets, because obviously all the clothes should have pockets. I used the pocket pattern piece from Leisl & co Girl Friday culottes as they are deliciously large, and worked it out. I also managed to answer my question from my previous post: yes, it is possible to French-seam pockets.

I discovered quite late into the process that I only had purple 50cm hidden zip. I debated whether to use it or not, but figured, it is invisible and took the chance… And I love it! I used purple-grey bias binding inside so the contrast looks really cool and elevates it from justagreengarment into something I’m really pleased with.

I took it to the beach for some photos and here are the results. My face says it all: I was having fun in my new jumpsuit!

In the folds peppermint jumpsuit Heatherymakes (13)In the folds peppermint jumpsuit Heatherymakes (12)

I have really enjoyed wearing this today and think it will become an item that I truly love. It’s quite out there in terms of volume but the comfort makes up for that. I was cartwheeling on the beach in it, climbing on rocks and jumping in the sea. It is utterly perfect for the life that I like to lead.

In the folds peppermint jumpsuit Heatherymakes (15)In the folds peppermint jumpsuit Heatherymakes (19)

The bodice fits beautifully (I’ll update this post with the size once I remember which one I made) and overall I’m really chuffed with the finishing techniques. I finished the bottom of the facing with bias binding and for something that only took a couple of days to make, I am really delighted with it all.

In the folds peppermint jumpsuit Heatherymakes (18)In the folds peppermint jumpsuit Heatherymakes (17)

What do you think? How would you wear it? I suspect in warmer climes the loose linen look will be divine, but at the moment I think I will be cinching it in at the waist. I’m very interested in hearing how you would chose to wear it.

PS. And should a jumpsuit be referred to in the singular i.e. as a dress would, or in the plural as in a pair of trousers?? Modern grammatical difficulty!

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  1. Mhairi Beaton says:

    Fab photos and lovely writing Heather. What’s next on your list?


    1. Thanks! Next up is a pair of dungarees for Harris and an Ogden cami for me! I’m not quite ready for Romania yet!


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