Geometric Ogden

I am rather late to the True Bias Ogden party, but hey ho, better late than never!

This is another part of my summer wardrobe for Romania, but as I often layer quite a few layers for the Hebridean winter, I am sure this will get far more use than just as a summer piece.


The fabric is a divine viscose from Stoff and Stil, just one of my purchases from my visit to Copenhagen in Spring. Unfortunately, I only bought 0.8m of fabric, and the Ogden calls for 1.8. In the event, I have fabric leftover so there was really nothing to worry about.

I printed the size 8, to fit my bust measurements although the waist and hip fell closer to a size 6. I didn’t want it to be tight around the bust and as I was wearing a bandeau bra at the time, I knew that changing my underwear might increase the size of my bust!


I sewed this in a single evening, cutting out the fabric over a stolen few minutes while getting ready for work the morning before. It came together remarkably quickly and the process was very enjoyable.

There’s really not much to say about this, other than it did cause me to dance about with joy when I put it on. This is the first item I have made out of viscose and I love it. It’s just divine against the skin and just lovely to wear. I look forward to making more items out of viscose!


I have stretched it out while understitching in places, sadly, but hopefully it’s not too noticeable. Despite my height I chose not to add any length anywhere as holding the pattern pieces against me showed that the length would be perfect, and it was! I’d make exactly the same size in future.


The bra straps do stick out, but I am not really bothered about that. I do wish I’d noticed when taking the photos, however! I also keep on losing the front and back. I’ll sew a wee thing onto the back facing to make it easier for me to dress myself 🙂

P1040665P1040667A real success and it pays homage to the saying ‘better late than never’ as well as being a wonderful reminder of the trip to Copenhagen.



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  1. Mhairi Beaton says:

    Gorgeous Heather! I love the movement in it, and in the photos. Viscose is such a diving fabric to wear: it doesn’t cling and drapes beautifully. You look lovely in it! Any more to sew for Romania or is that your wardrobe sorted?


    1. Well, I leave tomorrow so I’ve run out of time!!
      But yes, viscose may be my new favourite fabric


  2. Mhairi Beaton says:



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