Disco ball ceilidh

As a rather casual dresser, formal events can be a great excuse to really dress up and go for it, but it can also be a bit of a head scratcher in terms of working out what I want to wear.

New Look 6107 Ogden Cami (1)

It was during Julie Fowlis‘ brilliant set at Runrig’s Last Dance at Stirling Castle that I had my epiphany moment: I wanted to wear what she was wearing! Midi-length sequined skirt and simple top. It looked fantastic and I just had to work out how to make a version for me.

New Look 6107 Ogden Cami (3)

The wedding date was the 15th of September, and I decided on the outfit on the 18th of August. A month is plenty of time, right? Well, not if you can’t find the perfect sequins (I was worried that all the ones I saw online were just too cheap looking) and time just flies by. In the end, I found the perfect fabric in Mandors in Glasgow on the 25th of August, and I’d seen the dream cupro fabric on Stoff and Stil the day before, so surely I was all set?

New Look 6107 Ogden Cami (5)

Well, no. As I was just about to head off to Romania the day after for a week long holiday! But at least I had the fabric, right? I bought 1.5m of fabric and lining, and packaged it up in a box to post home. It would be alright. Now, I just needed to find a pattern and order the fabric for the top when I got home. Simples!

New Look 6107 Ogden Cami (6)

In the end, I ended up rush sewing every night prior to the wedding. I had a fortnight, but procrastinated for almost a week when I got home from Romania, and foolishly regretted that decision!

Luckily I found a pencil skirt pattern in my stash. This is New Look 6107, which is an unlined pencil skirt (I had to figure out how to line it on top of everything else), but the important thing was that it was for non-stretch fabric and while my sequins had a wee bit of vertical stretch, my lining had none.

New Look 6107 Ogden Cami (2)

Knowing I had no time for a muslin, I made up the lining as if it was a practice. I cut the 10, following my measurements but knowing I wanted a neat fit. It fit while standing, but failed the sit-test. I let the side seams out by 5 mm to give me a centimetre extra space overall.

New Look 6107 Ogden Cami (7)

Then onto the sequins! And they weren’t as difficult as I expected but, I should have removed those darts from the front to make it looks smoother and the split caused me quite a headache. I lengthened the sequined fabric by 5 inches, and used the mesh edge to hem it. so that I wouldn’t have any sequins falling off the bottom.


New Look 6107 Ogden Cami (4)

The top is, of course, my second Ogden cami, made out of the divine sand-washed cupro from Stoff and Stil. It was a bit of a splash out, as the metre cost me £24 including delivery but it’s worth it. It. Is. Gorgeous. Cue many squeals of delight when I opened the package!! It’s super soft, and strokeable and it was a dream to sew with. It pressed really well, and although it creases, it keeps it’s shape really nicely.

New Look 6107 Ogden Cami (10)

The only change I made to this version of the cami was to shorten the straps by about an inch. In hindsight, it was too much, as I think this sits a wee bit too high on the chest, but I did feel very secure during the vigorous ceilidh dancing and wasn’t worried about it moving, slipping down or showing too much cleavage.

New Look 6107 Ogden Cami (12)

And that was the real test of the evening. Would all of this stand up to the rigors of ceilidh-ing? Well, though I was concerned getting in and out of the taxi to the venue, and worried about sitting down in general, after the first dance all of that was forgotten. The outfit was fun to wear! I felt great, and I was able to dance like a wild thing without worrying about anything splitting or breaking.

All in all, a great success! 😀

And if you wondered what I was doing on the moorland in my bare feet, this is more like the reality:


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