I have always been a scarf person, and probably always will be: I am one of those folks that look with pity at people without a scarf: what a chill wind must be blowing down their neck!


Last year I knitted a shawl (my beloved Follow the Sun – follow the link for the Ravelry page) for the first time and it’s now a case of me being a shawl person. They’re just so easy to wear, both as haps and as neck-warmers.


This year at Edinburgh Yarn Fest, I found the perfect wool for a shawl I have long coveted: Campside by Alicia Plummer. This large shawl attracted me as it looks so cosy, so warm, and it’s almost blanket sized. Well, the finished article does not disappoint…

The wool in question was the DK 100% wool from Knockando Mill in Aberlour (a town in Speyside also famous for its whisky). The wool is divine and I visited it at the show several times prior to deciding to get it. It wasn’t cheap, but when I work out the cost per wear, it’s all fine.


The pattern was a pleasure to knit, as it’s just simple making stitches and knitting stitches together to create the very effective holy pattern. I took it on many ferry journeys and it came in very useful even while in progress as it was a very comfy pillow if it wasn’t getting knitted.

I did have a wee bit of trouble with the stitch counting, but doubtless it was my fault. When I came to the last set of stitches, I had 8 too many stitches on my needles. There was no way I was going to rip it back, so I fudged through the last chart with equal amounts of positivity and fear. I thought it was all going to go array. It didn’t, but the patterning is definitely not as good as I was aiming for. Frogging back to repair would have been soul-destroying and I try not to sweat the small stuff, so I live and learn and love the result. And it’s definitely love for already it’s been worn loads.


As a result, it’s still not been blocked, for as as soon as it was off the needles it was round my neck, and there it’s stayed. I adore it. It’s soft, warm, and 100% natural, being dyed with woad from the garden of Knockando, and being spun from 100% British wool (mixed breed).

It’s everything a shawl could be and I adore it. It’s big, warm and scrunchy. The colour is lovely, and in fact, it confirms for me that I am loving my shawls enough to justify a yearly shawling… I have informally decided to knit another one next year to add to my collection!


Ravelry notes here:

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Katrin says:

    What a cosy looking shawl!


  2. It is warm! Perfect for this changing season. 😀


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