Geometric Geodesic

I’ve been sewing hard recently, making a pair of dungarees for my wee, 6-month old nephew and really enjoying the process. What’s been amazing is that even though he’s teeny tiny and the dungarees are teeny tiny, they take the same amount of work as an item of clothing for me.

The dungarees have been brought to an involuntary halt, however, as I am lacking buttons and snaps, and the ones I ordered are taking longer to arrive than hoped for. So I ended up twiddling my thumbs, ready for a new project.

Geodesic sweater Blueprints for sewing (8)

Well, enter the Geodesic Sweater from Blueprints for Sewing. This is a pattern I have loved and admired for a long time, and it was always clear I was going to sew it. However, I am on a bit of a budget at the moment so  I was desperately searching through my stash for suitable fabric. Luckily, the pattern was already purchased.

I realised that I did have fabric, although in the process of cutting out triangles for the tunic length I cut up a jersey that I made early last year. This was the Talvikki Sweater by Named Patterns that just never really fitted right. I don’t know whether I needed to do an adjustment, or try again in a different fabric, but I just stopped wearing it because it never sat correctly at the shoulders; it was rather annoying.

Geodesic sweater Blueprints for sewing (11)

The fabric is interesting. It’s clearly polyester, but it’s got foam squished in between the two layers. One side is black and one is blue, so I played with that on the geodesic. I think I got this fabric from The Cloth Shop in Edinburgh.

The second fabric was leftovers from a jacket I made a few months ago. This jacket has been worn a wee bit, although not blogged. It wasn’t entirely successful and I feel slightly disappointed, though I can’t really put my finger on what went wrong. A slightly dated pattern, perhaps? Anyway, there was nothing wrong with the fabric and this formed the neckband, cuffs and waistband of the Geodesic.

Geodesic sweater Blueprints for sewing (4)

The third fabric is also leftover from a skirt I made a few years ago. This was my first and only foray into Lekala patterns, and I do like (and still wear) this skirt. I love the fabric which is an unknown material (polyester?) with a felted appearance. I’ve included a close up photo below. To stabilise the (slightly thin) fabric, I added a layer of double knit jersey onto the back, and it’s the perfect density for the two triangles I cut out of this. I just hope it holds up to the rigours of washing!

The Geodesic pattern was fantastic: only 15 pages needed to be printed for my size (C/D) and assembly was quick. I cut out enough pieces for the tunic however when I put them together, it just looked too much and too dark. I arranged it into the short version and left it for the night.

Geodesic sweater Blueprints for sewing (6)

The next day, I woke up knowing I was going to make the cropped version. I was decided, and with that decision made, I proceeded to sew the entire thing, apart from the cuffs and the hem band that morning. It’s fantastic how quickly knits come together!

I love it. Utterly adore this jumper. The next day I finished the hem, today the cuffs and I have tried it on with every item in my wardrobe: I’m very happy. The sewing isn’t perfect. The points of the triangles aren’t meeting perfectly but I am happy enough to not necessitate pulling out the seam ripper. I did, upon trying it on, decide to take an inch out of each side of the back. The front sat fine, but the back had too much volume. The main fabric is pretty stiff, so I think that’s the reason: there’s no drape, but it was an easy enough change to make.

Geodesic sweater Blueprints for sewing (14)

The main fabric isn’t quite right. Do you see how it’s a bit bunchy at the armpits, especially on the right hand side? It’s better on the left as the patterned triangle is softer. I will use softer knits for my next version, which I believe will be a tunic.

I will also lengthen the arm length a wee bit next time. I don’t think this looks bad, and it’s very handy actually as the sleeves don’t end up in my soup! However, if I’m making a warm jumper I do like to have sleeves that go over my hands, but that’s an easy fix for next time.

Calloch happy

Now, I have quite a few triangles left over, but I don’t think I’ll use them for a human garment. Possibly for a cat bed or suchlike instead. This was me laying out the fabric to see if it looked right together: someone certainly approved!

Overall, I really enjoyed making this pattern. It was just so much fun! The instructions were impeccable and the whole Blueprints for Sewing experience was just great. This will not be the last Geodesic I make, and it won’t be the last B f S pattern either. In fact, I adore Version 2 of the Moderne Coat, and think I will start to slowly assemble parts with which to make it! That might take some time, but it’s nice to have dreams, hmm?!

Geodesic sweater Blueprints for sewing (5)

Geodesic sweater Blueprints for sewing (3)Geodesic sweater Blueprints for sewing (9)Geodesic sweater Blueprints for sewing (12)Geodesic sweater Blueprints for sewing (7)Geodesic sweater Blueprints for sewing (10)Geodesic sweater Blueprints for sewing (1)

Also worn with the Girl Friday culottes, and in one photo, my beloved Follow the Sun shawl.




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