Autumn and Winter Sewing Plans

Geodesic and skirtTuria dungaree dress and stripy topWhen not sewing or otherwise creating, a fair portion of my time is taking up dreaming about sewing or creating. This lovely daydreaming planning is even more urgent since I moved to the islands as it’s no longer simple to nip into a shop and buy a new bit of clothing.

With this in mind I decided, for the first time, to focus my daydreaming slightly in order to create a plan of clothes for this Autumn / Winter, which would take me through to Spring. I’ve narrowed it down to 6 items for myself (one item was scored off the list once completed yesterday), and 4 items for other people, not including some unconfirmed Christmas gifts.

I am, at the moment, on a rather strict budget, so I’ll be looking at using what fabrics I already have, as well as cheap sale items. This may make some of these items rather difficult to plan for, but hopefully I’ll be able to pull something together.

So without further ado, here it is!


Moderne Coat – Blueprints for Sewing

Moderne Coat

I adore the silhouette of this coat, and think this would be a suitable challenge for my foray into coat making. I regularly feel concern about my outerwear as I never seem to have anything halfway smart, so it’s always rather stressful.

I would like this to be two-toned, but only slightly. I like the effect from a subtle two-tone impression, but nothing very different. I love these wools, but the cost is pretty prohibitive and makes it slightly more difficult for me to think of achieving this. I do have some tartan wool in my stash, which would make a fairly light coat, but if I underlined and lined it, it might be an option. But (and this is a real concern), I live in Scotland. Could I wear a tartan coat without appearing twee???

Ness Skirt – Tilly and the Buttons

Ness skirt and jumper

I mourn the loss of my denim skirt that I made as a student from a pair of my dad’s jeans. It was simple, easy to wear and looked good with everything. As soon as I saw the newly released Ness skirt I was like yessss, that’s what my wardrobe needs! With the strong winds almost constantly present here, I very rarely wear floaty skirts any more, so a good mini skirt in a solid-ish fabric would go down a treat.

My stash should have something suitable, although it might not be love. If I decide not to use the tartan for the coat, it would make a lovely Ness skirt. The name also makes this particularly appropriate

Sasha Trousers – Closet Case Patterns

Sasha trousers and waistcoat

Within my wardrobe it is trousers that cause me the biggest headaches. Almost every day I curse the fact that I have no decent trousers, and it’s led to some interesting outfits! I do love wearing skirts, but sometimes it’s just not suitable, or it feels too dressy, so a pair of simple, neat fitting trousers would be perfect.

Here my planning has been great. I bought several metres of sale fabric from at the beginning of summer for this very purpose. It was a £2 / metre so it will act as a (hopefully) wearable toile. I like the olive colour of the fabric and am looking forward to making these.


At the moment I am knitting for someone else, but I hope to get on to another jumper for myself this year. I also want to start a couple of small projects: socks to keep my feet warm and a woolly hat. For one never has too many woolly hats! I have the wool for the smaller projects but not for the larger. I also have a couple more gifts to knit for other people, but I think I have the wool for that too.

I sketched up a couple of outfits that I loved, and although my painting skills have definitely suffered from lack of practice, here they are. This is something I hope to work more on in the future, giving me a new hobby or reviving an interest I’ve not practiced often enough.

And now it’s back to gazing hopefully at the stash and dreaming of patterns and their perfect fabric match!

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