Playing with Fire

A non-deliberate sewing hiaitus has caused itchy fingers here, chez Heather. I ordered a new sewing machine after some deliberation, but was holding off on starting a new project until it arrived. Well, it’s a pre-order, so it’s not even released yet!

Thus, I am projectless. I am knitting (of course) but not sewing, and this brief break has made me reconsider what I want to make and has made it even harder for me just to quickly sew something up. I’ve not had much spare time either.

Druidibeg November 2018 (1)

Today, I had a nice wee project for work, to make markers for our trees in the nursery. It was just the push I needed to get my craft on, and I really enjoyed it. It’s simple sticks which I cut to length, whittled off the top, and then used my pyrography tool to burn in the name of the seeds.

This tool I have had for a few years now, I bought it in Hobbycraft, but I never really loved it. Well, I loved using it today! Who knows, perhaps in the past I was too hasty and I don’t think pyrography and speed go together.

My fire writing is nowhere near perfect, but I really enjoyed the process and it was just what I needed to ease the itchy fingers!

Druidibeg November 2018 (2)Druidibeg November 2018 (5)Druidibeg November 2018 (14)Druidibeg November 2018 (16)Druidibeg November 2018 (21)Druidibeg November 2018 (25)

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