Christmas Crafting

A handmade Christmas, what could be better?

Well, if you give yourself a little bit more time than I gave myself it might be different, but as it was, I did rather challenge myself with the amount of work I created for myself in December!

Of course, for most of these things I knew what I was doing quite far in advance, but actually making them was another issue.

Firstly, cards.

These themed cards were decided upon after seeing an incredible picture of a gannet diving into the sea. This year I was lucky enough to visit St Kilda, and I wanted to commemorate that trip, but I also wanted to share the impact that we have on our world. I’ve found gannets and other seabirds dead on the beach due to being wrapped in plastic. Our impact is sometimes hard to see, and so this is the result.

Materials: already in my craft library. The ready-made cards and envelopes were from Hobbycraft, and the watercolour paint palette is Winsor and Newton. My watercolour pad is from Daler-Rowney and I would highly recommend all these things.

My mum casually requested some hankies for her birthday (20th of December) in an attempt to cut down on the disposable tissues she uses.

I loved making these: basting the edges to make sure they were really neat, and doing the corners carefully. I know that this fabric is super soft, and I will make some more hankies for myself at some point from the leftovers. There are four hankies in total, and two different sizes. The small are handy when wearing smart clothes and you don’t have big pockets for big hankies! (Mum actually feels that the wee hankies are just too wee so they might end up underneath plant pots or finding a use elsewhere!)

Material source: stash. Thread: stash.

For my two sisters I have been wanting to make reusable make-up remover pads for ages. This is the year. I am super pleased with them, although it’s really difficult to sew wee circles neatly… which basically translates into them being almost-circles. I enjoy the imperfections, however and hope my sisters do too!

Joey helped to stuff them (with polyester batting), and they’re all hand sewn closed. I had one left over so kept it for myself!

Materials: From stash. Baskets: The Basket Room. As an aside, since learning that every single basket in the world was hand made by someone as there’s no machine that can make a basket, I have been much more appreciative of the baskets I do have, and more careful about where I purchase them from. The cooperative that produced these baskets sounds like something I am very happy to support. And…they’re super cute!

Joey’s hat was knitted upon request. He wanted a super simple hat, and we both liked the idea of it being made from local wool. I ordered Sith from Uist Wool which was hand-delivered a couple of days later. The hat didn’t take long to knit up, was finished in a Guest House on Skye when I was stranded due to cancelled ferries, and blocked over the towel rail. He likes it, suits it and says it’s super warm. Goal achieved!

Wool: Uist Wool

Mum and Mhairi’s dressing gowns have a separate post to come.

Calloch loves ‘helping’ me sew (eagle eyed individuals may notice just how helpful she was proving to be!). Quite disconcerting how much she suits pink! 😅

Harris was due to get another pair of dungarees but between me ordering the wrong quantity of fabric and wanting to make a size that he’ll grow into, there will be a wee delay before they are finished for him. I’ll do a separate post once these are finished.

Thoughts: I touched upon it in a previous post: the making of presents and the joy that can be found in that activity, but I need to give myself more time. Through a lot of December (which was very stressful anyway with work), I was getting up early to craft, working, and then crafting all evening too. A couple of times I was just utterly knackered, and sat on the sofa without even knitting, which shows just how hard I was being on myself.

An unexpected day off was used more wisely and after that I practised a bit more self-care. But putting all that to one side, I really loved the process of making. Really enjoyed it, although I am really looking forward to making for myself again soon!!

I hope you all had a wonderful festive season and managed to find some time for some selfish crafting!

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