Avery Leggings

This is my first foray into sportswear, and although I had intended on sewing these for Sew My Style 2019 (January), I was really nervous about starting! One night, needing to sew something/anything, it just felt right and so I finally took the plunge.

Avery leggings helens closet heatherymakes (3)

You may have already worked it out, but these are the Avery Leggings by Helen’s Closet. (Let me say here that although everything I make at the moment appears to be from Helen’s Closet, it’s not deliberate. It really is just because everything is doing a very good job of attracting me in! Helen’s patterns are modern, interesting, and just really suit my aesthetic.)

Possibly the most popular legging pattern on the internet, I was attracted to them because of the high waist of View B, the high praise they receive from across the blogosphere, and the fact that they’re an easy sew. I did want these for yoga, so the high waist is preferable, and apparently the gusset will bring new joy to my legging-wearing life.

Avery leggings helens closet heatherymakes (6)

Measurements put me between a size Medium and Large, with 77cm waist (large) and 96cm hips (medium). I dithered about sizing, but decided to print both sizes and grade between them. With leggings, you don’t really want loose fabric hanging about anywhere 😉

The fabric is a recommended fabric from Minerva Crafts. I went for simple grey (sadly now out of stock) as I figured they would be really handy to wear as day-to-day leggings if they didn’t work out for yoga. There was a real variety of colours in this same fabric, and it doesn’t break the bank (currently online as £11.99 per metre and I bought only a single metre.).

Avery leggings helens closet heatherymakes (8)

Cutting out was simple, and I was happily surprised at how few pattern pieces there were!! Holding the pattern against me showed that View B was definitely not going to be long enough. The legs looked like a neat View A against me, so I lengthened the leg by 5 inches.

Lack of fabric meant I then had to shorten the (lengthened) legs by 4cm. Despite this to-ing and fro-ing the length has worked out fine, so it’s all good.

The sewing process was super easy. I made this in two evenings after work with no stress. I made the elastic slightly too tight, but at least the leggings aren’t going anywhere…

Avery leggings helens closet heatherymakes (2)

I am still slightly nervous that the stitches aren’t going to hold up, but the fabric is really soft and strong. The leggings have been worn to yoga class and tested well, I may have spent the session worrying that they were going to rip apart at any moment, but they didn’t! Phew 🙂 (This post would probably be a very different type of post if they had!)

Avery leggings helens closet heatherymakes (5)

The only thing to change for next time, is that I think the high waist is just too high for me. I am tall (5’11”), but despite this, the waist is about 2 centimetres above my natural waist. Something to bear in mind for future, but right now I find these extremely comfortable. They do their job (yoga), fit well – the grading has turned out perfectly, and have opened a whole new door of garment sewing for me. All very exciting!

Avery leggings helens closet heatherymakes (1)Avery leggings helens closet heatherymakes (4)Avery leggings helens closet heatherymakes (7)

PS. The day I took these photos was really cold… please excuse the less than perfect images 😉

Now, no excuses… it’s time to make my coat!!

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  1. poppykettle says:

    It’s such a good pattern – I too found the high waist too high by almost the exact same amount as you (and I’m long waisted, so cut into them thinking I’d be fine!) The addition of the gusset is a wonder 🙂


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