A Suki Photoshoot

Hi folks, it finally feels like spring is just around the corner, but I have one more big wintery thing to show you before the seasons change too much.

Before that though, first let me show you the results of a wee photo shoot mum and I did to show off the dressing gown I made her for Christmas.

The spare room (my room when I’m visiting), which is beautifully styled by mum was the perfect background for the cosy shoot. Other stars of the show include the wardrobe which was renovated by my very talented sister, and there are a few tantalising glimpses of mum’s gorgeous garden just out the window.

Mum looks absolutely stunning and here, without further ado, she is. 









It was such good fun to get my mum in front of the camera, and I was so happy to see the dressing gown on. Both mum and my sister say they use the gowns every day, and I must admit I’m still slightly jealous as to how divine their fabric is… But with the warmer weather around the corner it might be time to put my fluffy RTW dressing gown to the back of my wardrobe and get my cotton Suki out again.

Hope you all are having a wonderful week and look out for the next instalment on the blog soon..!


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