Comox Trunks and Me Made May Pledge

It was the leftover bear fabric that did it. I asked my boyfriend if he’d like a t-shirt made from the leftovers. He said no, but he’d take a pair of boxers. My eyes lit up (underwear is on my Make 9 2019 list and boxers would be a great way of getting started!) and I got to planning. The Comox Trunks by Thread Theory immediately stood out as a good option, and I ordered three different colours of elastic as well as a twin stretch needle. Then, one quiet Sunday, it began!

He fell into the measurements for size 32, so for the first version I cut a plain size, without any modifications. I wanted to make one pair for him to decide upon fit prior to making any more. I get a feeling this may become a go-to as the making was so fun.

I used a stretch stitch throughout, apart from at the ‘opening’ where I used a zig-zag, and along the elastic belt, where I also used a zig-zag. The hems were finished with a twin needle. The first time I’ve ever used one! And it worked marvellously and looks fantastic. I am very pleased with that.

comox boxers Thread Theory (2)

For next time, I would concentrate further on pattern placement. I couldn’t really work out how to plan ahead in terms of print matching for this pattern, but this one really shows how things match overall. The cup is pretty disrupted with half bears all over the place and I have ended up with a three headed bear, just below the cup. Luckily the very nature of boxers means that these will normally be hidden! And for next time I will know more about which bits pair up.

comox boxers Thread Theory (5)

comox boxers Thread Theory (7)

I am really chuffed with how these came together. The yellow elastic is gorgeous and thick and soft (from Minerva crafts. I also bought the red and black at the same time).

Comments from my partner are that the legs are shorter than he’s used to, but he’s wearing them today to see how they feel. They look incredible on. No modelled photos (believe it or not!) but they look fantastic. Another wee Make 9 tick and another make I am very, very happy with.

comox boxers Thread Theory (1)comox boxers Thread Theory (3)comox boxers Thread Theory (4)comox boxers Thread Theory (8)comox boxers Thread Theory (9)

Me Made May is a wonderful endeavor by Zoe of So, Zo… which is ten years old this year! I participated last year for the first time, and wore one handmade item every day. This year I am taking it a lot further, but in actual fact most of the clothes I readily reach for are hand made. We’ll see how it is to get through a whole month of this though!

My pledge is as follows: “I, Heather of heatherymakes, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May 2019. I endeavour to wear only me-made, me-restored and me-repaired clothes every day during May 2019. I will use this opportunity to discover what I like to wear, donate/sell or refashion clothes that I don’t wear and aim to end the month with a more cohesive wardrobe.
The exceptions to this are outerwear, work branded wear, shoes and underwear.”

Wish me luck!


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Jean says:

    Lovely! Particularly like the yellow elastic. Do you have a place on your machine for a second bobbin for the double needle? I’ve never used one but you seem to be very good at all kinds of jersey type fabrics.


    1. Thanks! I love the yellow elastic too.. there is a second bobbin thing on my machine: I’d be very surprised if yours didn’t have one too, twin needles apparently work on most machines!


  2. Mhairi Beaton says:

    Beautifully made Heather, as ever. Love the elastic. I might make a pair of girl boxers just for me with my chameleon fabric from Copenhagen!


    1. Ah thanks, Mhairi! I might have to make a pair just for me too, I was kinda wishing these wouldn’t fit as they’re sooo comfy!!!


    2. Ps. That fabric would be perfect!!!!


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