Heads and Toes

I miss knitting. Since I told myself that I was going to spin wool to make myself a winter’s jumper this year, I haven’t knitted (or spun) a thing. It’s looking likely I’m not getting a new woolly jumper this year – a pity as I could really do with a warm layer.

Anyway, before this self-imposed wool buying ban took place, I finished a hat and a pair of socks. Lets start at the bottom:


These socks came in a pack that was a gift from a dear friend in 2016. Or let me clarify, my Ravelry notes first have me frogging the socks in June 2016, after the first attempt. I suspect these were actually a Christmas present way back in 2015.

My lovely friend (sounds like something out of Father Ted) picked up this most perfect of gifts while on holiday in Perthshire, visiting Strathearn Fleece and Fibre. I do remember that she was really impressed with their set up and I was really excited to receive something so lovely. The package contained one skein of beautifully hand dyed blue-faced Leicester wool, instructions for one pair of lace socks, and five bamboo knitting needles. 



These are only the second pair of socks I’ve ever knitted and I had a lot of issues – all my fault, I hasten to add. I firstly cast on with a not-very-stretchy method and I couldn’t get my foot in it  (Frog 1). Then I somehow failed to read the pattern properly and knitted the repeats too small (Frog 2). Then, rather embarrassingly, I basically knit them too small again (Frog 3), finally starting them for a fourth time in November 2017. Two years ago. 


So from cast on to cast off, these socks took almost a year each – almost, because this blog post is slightly late and I actually finished on the 8th of October this year. Woo hooo!! They’ve already been in use for a month.

And I love them.


Why the heck did I take so long to finish them? No idea. Once I got going properly again earlier this year, I really enjoyed knitting them. The heel is just gorgeous. I have no idea what you’d call that heel stitch, but it seems like it will be suitably hard wearing. The colour is really lovely, they fit sooo well and I’m chuffed to bits. They even look lovely with my brand new barefoot shoes. What a lovely present, and to think it’s still giving me so much joy three years later, I’m a happy Heather indeed.


Now to the hat. Sadly, I am not so sure about this hat: I don’t really think I suit it, but I wear it nevertheless. It is the Bulky Trellis hat by Keli Berg and it was a really quick knit, only taking a couple of nights. I had the perfect fabric in my stash, a Rico Design Creative Melange Chunky, in shade 9: Berry Turquoise.


This wool, although part acrylic, was really nice to knit up and has a nice feel to it. The colour changes fitted in with the pattern of the hat rather perfectly, changing with every repeat.

So, why don’t I like it? Ocht, it’s alright, but I just don’t think it’s very flattering. Since knitting this, I have realised that I look best in hats that have a folded ribbed brim (I am not sure how to word that quite right…), so I should definitely knit one of those next. And I’ll shop the stash again for that next attempt. I will probably keep my Bulky Trellis – it has received compliments every time I’ve worn it in public, so it can’t be that bad, but there’s always room for another hat in my life.


But, I do miss knitting, and I miss knitting something big and involved, so I will get my spinning wheel out and get spinning. And, you never know, now I’ve said it in public, you might just see me making progress with my hand spun jumper. Wish me luck!


Goodness me, that last photo! I had to ask my boyfriend if that’s really what I look like from the side. I am SO like my mum!

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  1. MB says:

    Growing to be like your mum is a beautiful thing. You are very lucky.
    The socks are lovely, I’m still too scared to knit a pair. Of all knitters, I am surely to have “second sock syndrome “.
    The hat is also lovely and compliments are only given from people who mean it.
    You are an inspiration!


    1. Sounds like you have first sock syndrome, a lesser known relative of SSS!
      Thanks, MB, I wish I could inspire myself to get spinning šŸ˜…


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