Carolyn: The Review

As a member of the wider Minerva Maker team, I receive emails every month or so with fabrics that they’d like showcased for their website. I’ve never seen anything that was perfect, until in October 2019 I saw The One.

Read more about the story here, for this post will not be about the making of these Carolyn pyjamas. However, I have been wearing and enjoying these pyjamas for quite a few months now, so thought a review post would be appreciated (with more photos!).

Carolyn pajamas closet case patterns (36)

I don’t always need pyjamas in bed, but often like the comfort and warmth factor on a chilly night. These pyjamas have proven to be pretty perfect, as the fabric isn’t that warm in its own right, compared to a flannel, for example. This means that they will often last the whole night, instead of me overheating in the first half hour, causing untold disturbance to my partner.

So, firstly let me confirm that cotton lawn is really rather perfect for sleeping in.

There’s a crispness to the fabric that I really like and that has lasted through numerous washes. The fabric has retained its sheen and quality feel, although when wearing it quickly softens and creases beautifully. There has been absolutely no fading. The interfacing too has stayed intact. I feel extremely lucky to have been gifted the fabric for these in return for a blog post. £15.99 per metre is more than I would normally ever spend on fabric, but to be honest, this has shown me that sometimes it’s worth splurging, if it’s affordable to you yourself.

Carolyn pajamas closet case patterns (32)

Now a couple of slight negatives:

Firstly, I find that unless I am very careful about how the top is dried (an impossibility if it’s drying on the line outside), the facing has a tendency to rumple up and become creased. This creates a slight discomfort during wear whereby I just never feel it’s sitting quite right.

The collar too becomes easily disorganised. And possibly, I feel sometimes like it’s a bit of effort to get everything lying comfortably. But this is probably me being overly fussy and if it all becomes too much of an issue I will very easily be able to stitch the facing down and see if that improves the situation.

Carolyn pajamas closet case patterns (31)

They very quickly became the only pyjamas I use. My adjustments to the sleeves worked out perfectly as I never feel the inclination to roll them up, or get them out the way. I love the trousers, and I suspect I will be making a short version at some point in the future. 

I did wear them in the hostel in Dublin when I was there in February with my sister, although to be honest these stunning pyjamas did make me feel a bit too posh for that place: they really are very elegant, and I really do love them. Many thanks indeed to Minerva for giving me this opportunity.

Carolyn pajamas closet case patterns (25)

Carolyn pajamas closet case patterns (79)Carolyn pajamas closet case patterns (88)Carolyn pajamas closet case patterns (65)Carolyn pajamas closet case patterns (54)Carolyn pajamas closet case patterns (40)Carolyn pajamas closet case patterns (93)

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