Handmades in the Wild

As it’s always interesting seeing how items of handmade clothing are actually worn, I have created this photo page linking to the post of the original item and showing me wearing my handmade wardrobe out in the wild…

  1. Turia Dungarees and Grail top at Loch Druidibeg
  2. Burda jumper at Scapa Fest
  3. 2 Hand knitted hats! See Ravelry
  4. Hand-knitted hat, Follow the Sun shawl, Maker Jacket and Sienna Trousers. Oh, and the Caru fingerless gloves. My birthday on Berneray.
  5. The Azaire and Cropped Cardigan in Dublin
  1. Moderne coat, Follow the Sun and Cobblestone Hat in an art gallery in Copenhagen.
  2. Geodesic with Turia dungaree dress – one of my favourite silhouettes.
  3. Repaired socks on a winter yoga session on South Uist.
  4. Campside shawl on the Shiant Isles.
  5. An almost entirely handmade outfit. From top: Cobblestone Hat, Follow the Sun shawl, Geodesic, and York. Jacket is Fjallraven


  1. Linen skirt on the beach at Eriskay
  2. Mum wearing the In the Folds Peppermint jumpsuit on a night out in Tenerife
  3. Ogden cami of the sparkling skirt fame, paired with RTW shorts at Los Gigantes
  4. Campside shawl during helicopter operations with work (not my normal day to day activities!)
  5. Turia dungarees during a cold and wonderful beach walk with my sister


  1. Joan of Arc snood Ravelry page: walking South Uist beaches prior to my job interview
  2. Follow the Sun shawl Ravelry page: out fishing in the Minch
  3. Battersea cotton top Ravelry page: surveying
  4. Pieced purple top and cropped top (unblogged). Scapa fest images
  5. Culottes on top of Beinn Mhor